Floor Drains

Always innovating to offer major alternatives in the design of interior and exterior spaces, SHIMAO® us brings his new line of sinks or drainage grids made of stainless steel.

The innovation of these pieces of grille is a check valve, with a simple system type vane, which makes them very reliable to the moment to prevent the reflux of liquids and to control the emission of troublesome smells or insects from the pipings. This added value makes them very estimated especially to use them in areas where the hygiene is a factor as important as the aesthetics, like is the case of the sanitary rooms and you cook.

Manufactured in stainless steel of thickness calibrate, that assures his extreme permanence and resistance, these floor grilles come in different sizes and modern designs in his lids, that they do that they never happen unnoticed and, especially, always they are to tone with any type of finished and incidental of first.


The product packaging is made from recyclable material which has the following characteristics:

  • Hard cardboard which has excellent thickness.
  • Possibility of containing the product.
  • It allows the identification of the same, and helps distinguish it from other items.
  • It has the ability to protect the product.
  • It is suited to consumer needs in terms of size, ergonomics and quality.
  • It fits load units and distribution.
  • It is resistant to tampering, transportation and commercial distribution.
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Floor Drain 4"(10cm)
Clean out drainage 4"(10cm)
Floor Drain 4"(10cm)
Floor Drain 4"(10cm)
Floor Drain 4"(10cm)
Clean out drainage 6"(15cm)
Clean out drainage 12cm
Floor Drain 4"(10cm)
Floor Drain 8"(20cm)
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