What is stainless steel?

Iron alloy bearing ≥ 10,5 % chromium and ≤ 1,2 % ca rbon, necessary to ensure the build-up of a self-healing surface layer (passive layer) which provides the corrosion resistance. Increasing the amount of Chromium gives an increased resistance to corrosion and combined with other elements as Carbon, Silicon, Manganese, Nickel or Molybdenum many properties are added such as enhanced formability and increased corrosion resistance.



Iron-chromium-nickel, carbon < 0,1 % (including gra de 304,often referred to as 18/8; 18/10) , non-magnetic in the as-delivered condition; Represe nt more than 65 % of stainless steel used in the world.


Iron-chromium, carbon < 0,1%, magnetic


Iron-chromium, carbon > 0,1%, magnetic and hardenab le


Iron-chromium-nickel, combined austenitic-ferritic structure, magnetic

Main properties

Corrosion resistance – aesthetic appeal – heat resistance – low life cycle cost – full recyclability, biological neutrality – ease of fabrication and cleaning .

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