About Us

We are SHIMAO® sales representative for North Ameri ca, we established in Panama in 2006 and now we are in Miami Florida, we trade specialty stainless steel products f or home decor and commercial projects. (Retail and who lesalers)

We offer Handrails and their fittings, Stainless St eel Mosaic and floor drains.

Our Stainless Steel mosaic (Cover It®) are made of a stainless steel sheet on the top attached to a cerami c base with the highest technology, further a polyurethane mesh ensure s easy installation and the union of all the element s. The metal mosaic tiles will allow you to create the kit chen backsplash of your dreams.

Our unique line of mos aics are ideal for residential and commercial use in applicatio ns such as backsplashes in the kitchen or bathroom, fire place surrounds, accent walls and more. SHIMAO International LLC, has been trading Stainless Steel handrail system for over 14 years, we were focu sed in central and south America but now we are here in USA to show you all the variety of fittings as post pases , tube holders, glass brackets, handrail brackets, Glass clamps, Handrai l glass brackets, flanges, caps end, round and square fittings and tubes, all the component parts you need to build up a handrail.

The standard sizes are in inches with diameters from 1/2" to 3", and the surface finished could be brushed satin or mirror polished. All the stainless steel fittings are very easy to install and are manufactured under strict qual ity control all through the process.

It is very important let you know the quality of our St ainless Steel products, They are made with SS alloy 30 4 so if for any reason you decide to use it outdoors are going to res ist the environmental conditions.

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